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Funk of Titans is an unusual game, for several reasons. The first of these reasons is the games overall theme, which is a fusion of modern music and Greek mythology. You assume the role of Perseus, a demigod and defender of all things funk. The goal of the game is to spread funk throughout the three worlds of pop, rap and rock, and defeat their corresponding titans. That is about as deep as the story gets, which is okay. The game doesn’t try to be anything it’s not, which is a simple platformer that is meant to be fun.

However, Funk of Titans is not your typical platformer. The game is an auto-runner, leaving only two inputs to the player, jumping and attacking. Each of the three worlds consists of a series of platforming levels and two boss fights to break up the gameplay. Unfortunately the mechanics of these boss fights fall flat. They boil down to nothing more than incredibly easy quick-time events that ask the player to match the button inputs on screen.



This is where the other unusual aspect of Funk of Titans comes in. For a game focused on music, it does very little with that theme. It seems like a missed opportunity not to implement some rhythmic functionality to the gameplay. I can’t help but feel like the platforming would be more entertaining with some influence from the Bit Trip style. Likewise the titan battles would be significantly more fun as mini Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution segments. Another oddity related to the game’s musical theme, is the weakness of the soundtrack. The game consists of only a handful of repetitive and lackluster tracks.

All of this aside, Funk of Titans is still a fun game with character and a certain degree of replayability. The game really hits its stride at about the halfway point. The addition of switches and moving platforms add a nice bit of extra challenge to the game. There are also some extra goals for completionists and achievement enthusiasts. Each level tasks the player with unlocking three bonus medals which include completing the level unharmed, collecting all 100 records strewn throughout and finding the hidden Pegasus icon which unlocks a bonus level in which to earn more records. These records serve as the games currency which can be used to unlock new weapons and helmets. Most of these are nothing more than cosmetic, such as dawning a storm trooper helmet. However several of the weapons are used as keys to unlock doors hiding the aforementioned Pegasus icons.


Funk of Titans is A Crowd of Monsters first game not made for mobile devices. It has some weak spots, but is overall an enjoyable distraction which can be addictive and offers some incentive to master its 40+ levels.

Funk of Titans is an Xbox One exclusive, it is a platformer developed by A Crowd of Monsters. Find more information on Funk of Titans or A Crowd of Monsters, click HERE!

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