Release 55 for Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar is Live


The latest monthly update for the online fantasy multiplayer RPG Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues has been released by creator Portalarium and publisher Travian Games. The most exciting addition in Release 55 is free land deeds for players who complete the main storyline in the game. A full list of the other additions can be viewed below.

A new story video for Shroud of the Avatar has also been released, and can be viewed here.

Release 55 will add the following features:
Lot Deed Reward: At the suggestion of the community, players who have completed the main storyline in Shroud of the Avatar will be rewarded with a free row lot deed. This non-tradable land is meant to celebrate a significant achievement, and as such is a retroactive reward, given to all players who have successfully completed the three main Avatar paths.
Brewing: Players can now explore the wonders of fermentation and alcoholic beverages in-game. By using ingredients such as grapes, hops and barley, players can brew their own wine, beer or whiskey.
New Enemies: A delightful mix of new enemies have been released in New Britannia, including Light and Dark Unicorns, Child Zombies, Ebon Dawn Cultists, Swamp Reapers and the Atavists of Purity.
New and Updated Locations: Two new adventure locations have been rebuilt: East Vauban Foothills and Norgard Fens. Other locations in the game have also been updated.
User Interface Polish: The user interface has been improved with updated background and border art, including a new chat window.
Double XP Weekends: In celebration of Lord British’s birthday on July 4th players will be able to earn double their normal experience each weekend until the end of July.
The Obsidian Trials: Various aspects of the combat mechanics and PvP experience have been updated in preparation for the upcoming Castle Defense Scenarios. A special combat arena, named The Obsidian Trial, has been added to test and iterate on these aspects of the game.

More information can be found in the patch notes.

As a fantasy multiplayer sandbox RPG, Shroud of the Avatar blends together many of the key features that made the Ultima series popular. This includes wide-reaching freedom to explore a living, breathing fantasy world enriched by a player-driven crafting and economic system and an advancement path where players are confronted with ethical choices based on Virtues. The game features an engaging storyline written in collaboration with celebrated fantasy author Tracy Hickman (Dragonlance).

Players will benefit from the incorporation of several MMO gameplay features, combining to comprise a unique, shared online experience set within a persistent sandbox world. They can opt to play solo or with friends, owning their own houses or even entire towns, and sign up and cooperate within various in-game guilds.

A free trial, offering players a comprehensive first look, is now available via direct download from the game’s official website.

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