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Beginning from August 31st, authentic Asian fantasy game ‘Record of Lodoss War Online’ is available now on Korean gaming platform, Game&Game (GNG).
A fantasy MMORPG game, the ‘Record of Lodoss War Online’ which was co-developed by L&K Logic Korea Co., Ltd, and GameOn Co., Ltd, Japanese subsidiary of Neowizgames was announced to be providing global service throughout the gaming platform Game & Game (GNG) since August 31st.

As for the newly opened service for global players, L&K will release the new character ‘Shaman’ as well as summer costumes, and providing significant rise in odds of succeeding equipment strengthening. Hence, Shaman’s ability features in summoning elementals for appropriate needs such as battle and supporting position. Plus, her main combat style is to use bow as her weapon to hit critical damage from distant range.

Moreover, after reaching level 20, users can decide to promote their character as an ‘Elementalist’ with the strengthened elementals’ ability or a ‘Ranger’ which puts more emphasis on faster and stronger attacks with her bow.

Furthermore, from September 7th, more updates are held. For instance, starting from September 7th until October 4th, leveling reward event will be initiated in which appropriate equipment for players would be freely given in circumstance of leveling 5 levels after level 10. At the same period, attendance reward event will be presented for any players connected to the game server. Useful items will be given as a reward.

L&K Logic Korea’s official delivered that “We released it on JC Planet and Warp Portal since April. It is an honor for L&K that more gamers can enjoy Record of Lodoss War Online globally by releasing on GNG”. Plus, stated that “We are planning to provide faster and stable service through GNG and simultaneously arrange continuous updates to deliver the service up to domestic version of the game hence players can enjoy more”.

You can play Record of Lodoss War Online on GNG, JC Planet, or Warp Portal. You can find more information about the game on

Record of Lodoss War Online Global page:
Record of Lodoss War Online on Game & Game:

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