Realm Royale Now Free To Play on Nintendo Switch


Realm Royale, the hit fantasy class-based battle royale, is now available to play for free on the Nintendo Switch, Hi-Rez Studios announced today.

“We are thrilled to welcome Nintendo Switch players to Realm Royale, the ultimate class-based Battle Royale, where you can wield awesome abilities, forge Legendary weapons, and explore a diverse fantasy world,” said Realm Royale Executive Producer Mick Larkins.

Nintendo Switch owners can now join a community of over 10 million Realm Royale fans. Players can choose a class — Warrior, Mage, Hunter, or Assassin — then dive into battle and start looting powerful weapons and abilities. As players fight to survive, they’ll mount up to
escape the fog on horseback, craft game-changing weapons at forges, and maybe even get turned into a chicken as they pursue the coveted Crown Royale.

All features of Realm Royale are fully accessible without a Nintendo Online Subscription — including PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch crossplay multiplayer.

“We’ve painstakingly developed an optimized Switch experience that embraces Cross-Platform play and progression,” Larkins continued. “Between traversing the massive world by mount and engaging in magic-filled combat, the Nintendo Switch is an ideal platform to experience the excitement of Realm Royale.”

This week also sees in the latest update for Realm Royale – The Eternal Conflict. The everlasting battle between good and evil finds its way to the Realm, as players fight for the divine, or the damned. The new battle pass unlocks devilish cosmetics dragged from the depths or angelic attire from the heavens above.

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