[Preview] SteelStorm 2 [PC]


Release Date: In Development

Genre: Indie

Studio: Kot-in-Action Creative Artel

Format: PC

Note: Game is still in Development all videos features are all pre-alpha or test builds

*Game info is subject to change as game gets closer to release.

Steel Storm 2 is being built by a one man team from the ground up. The developer would appreciate it if fans of the original Steel Storm game and Linux gaming supporters would help and jump start the development of the game by pre-ordering it. The starting price of the pre-orders is $5. As the game grows, the price will go up until it reaches its maximum, which is $20. As soon as a worthy alpha build emerges, you will get to have it. Steel Storm 2 is a must have game for the fans of the original game. Please support the game and help it rise to its full potential. Thank you, faithful fans of Kot-in-Action Creative Artel!

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WTF is Steel Storm 2

Steel Storm 2 is a new game from Kot-in-Action Creative Artel, who brought you the legendary Steel Storm: Burning Retribution arcade shooter.

Unlike the original game, Steel Storm 2 is an old-school FPS in the spirit of Doom® and Quake®. It’s a spinoff in the original Steel Storm universe, with a rich story, yet not story driven gameplay. The game is being developed primarily by the founder of Kot-in-Action, Alexander “motorsep” Zubov. Steel Storm 2 will have a much simpler game logic code than the original game. The source code will be distributed with the game as a part of the modding SDK and will allow better modding capabilities.

In the game, you take on the role of Abigail Setareh, a former hovertank pilot who became a natural resource scout in pursuit of adventure. You will begin your journey in a remote corner of the Warbird galaxy, on an uninhabited planet (or so it seemed for a long time). In your journey you will discover many wonderful places, cool weapons, General Nabbatt and his robotic army of the separatist Union, and ancient aliens. Ferocious gun fights and key hunts are guaranteed.

Some of the key features:

  • Fast flowing single-player and co-op FPS combat in the best traditions of Doom® and Quake® ;
  • Rich background storyline;
  • Monsters and enemies with various skills;
  • Gibs!
  • Key hunt and environmental puzzles;
  • Big and scary bosses;
  • Modding SDK.

The game will utilize the mighty Darkplaces engine once again and will be available for Linux, Windows and Mac. The game will be following the alpha funding model and everyone who pre-orders the game will get access to the game’s very first builds and will ultimately receive the final version without any extra charge. As the development progresses, the price will go up. The starting price is $5 and the final game will cost $20. Steel Storm 2 is a must have game for the fans of the original Steel Storm. Please support the game and help it rise to it’s full potential.

Interested in becoming an Alpha tester for SteelStorm 2 join Invision Game Community and leave a comment within the thread.

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