[PAX Prime 2012] Check It, Here’s the Four Part Presentation for Final Fantasy XIII-3 Lightning Returns


As we previously reported, the third part of Final Fantasy XIII was revealed at PAX Prime and slated for sometime in 2013 for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. SquareEnix made their four part presentation for Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns  available which includes the announcement trailer we originally embedded. We can now bring you all four parts which reveals the game, the overall concept, design elements, and art direction for your viewing enjoyment.

It should be noted that while the original Final Fantasy XIII is a point of contention among long time fans of the franchise, as many of us (Yes I fully accept I am among this group) that it was a disappointment with it’s on rails approach and other elements that made it regarded as one of the most lack luster entries in this 25 year old franchise. However I freely admit that XIII-2 is a big improvement over the original and I’m hopeful that this first ever third entry in a Final Fantasy game cycle will not only continue but also build on the glimmer we say in XIII-2.

XIII-3 as the title suggests is Lightning-centric and an adventure based around her and takes place according to the concept segment of the presentation during the last 13 days before the planet goes squish. Now as per the teaser site message, more details will be revealed tomorrow, September 4th, and we will keep you up to date as things develop, for now check out the presentation, and post your thoughts below.

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