Paradox Interactive E3 Trailer Round Up


Here’s a round up of E3 trailer’s from Paradox Interactive’s E3 lineup for your viewing pleasure which includes trailers for King Arthur II, Sword of Stars II, Crusader Kings II, Defenders of Ardania, and new content for Magicka! So check em out and see what peaks your interest as Paradox continues their roll of dropping PC titles on us! We’ll be tracking these as they draw closer to their various release dates, I’m especially interested to see what they do with Sword of Stars II.

King Arthur II is expected to release in Q3 2011.

Sword of Stars II is expected to release on August 16th, 2011

Crusader Kings II is projected to release in Q1, 2011

Defenders of Ardania is projected to release online in Q2, 2011

The Magicka PvP update will go live on June 21st, 2011

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