Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper Goes into Alpha Stage


65b48bfb-b21d-4365-a6e7-0d35d00e1c69All the team of Too Kind Studio is proud to announce the release of the Alpha version of Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper.

Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper is a platformer/action in 2D, narrative and episodic, inspired by old school games from the 90s. It is currently in production and will be developed in 8 chapters for PC. Set as a tale with two levels of reading: Pankapu’s storyline, naive and epic, and the one of Jaha’rell, the kid whom the story is told, gloomy and tragic.

Today, it is now possible to discover the premise of PANKAPU, a rich universe where dreams and fears melt into each other.

At the early stage of the game, where rises Peppu the tree-wood, you will fight your first Hya’Nagis. Equipped with your Aegis, named Bravery, you will cross colorful levels in order to discover the basis of the gameplay, giving you an overview of this touching and naive world.

This alpha stacks with our Square Enix Collective campaign where the game Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper is already live for three weeks. There are still some few days to vote on the Square Enix platform in order to support the project and make this dream come true.

Download the Alpha:
Link to the Square Enix Collective:

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