Gods Will Be Watching is Now Available on Steam and GOG


Deconstructeam and  Devolver Digital have launched the much-anticipated point-and-click thriller  Gods Will Be Watching for PC, Mac, and Linux via  Steam, Humble, and GOG. That’s right, your carefree days of crushing candy and enslaving weird Japanese creatures to fight at your whim are…

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Wargame: Red Dragon Gets New DLC


Wargame, the spectacular series of strategy games developed by Eugen Systems, has set a new benchmark in the RTS genre since the release of its first title in February 2012. Wargame managed to attract a large player base, by offering…

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Positech Games Announces Gratuitous Space Battles 2


Positech Games, Developers of the popular Gratuitous Space Battles and Democracy games for the PC are gratuitously happy to announce that they are currently developing Gratuitous Space Battles 2! Like the original, GSB2 is a 2D top-down space strategy game…

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Machines at War 3 Released on Steam


Welcome to a real time strategy game featuring over 130 different types of units and technologies! The game boosts 21 campaign missions with characters and an intriguing story, unlimited random map skirmishes with many customizable settings, network multiplayer to challenge…

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