Official Release Date For New Nintendo 3DS, PLUS Special Editions



Not much has been said about Nintendo’s new 3DS model since its reveal.  However, today Nintendo expressed exactly what versions of the new hardware we will be getting, as well as when we can get our hands on it!

The new 3DS will launch February 13 in both North America and Europe, and will cost $200 USD.  The only version Nintendo will be releasing in these territories is the XL model.  The only difference between the XL and the standard (other than size) is that the XL is not compatible with the decorative faceplates previously seen in the Japanese ads.  The XL will be available in two different colors, red or black.

Additionally, two special editions of the handheld will be available in the North American and European markets. The special editions are themed as The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate Edition( exclusive to EB Games in Canada).  Both editions come with a specially themed console and a copy of the respective game.



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