New Character Class ‘Shai’ Now Available in Black Desert on Xbox One and PC


Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games have announced that Shai, the 18th playable class is now available. Shai is the first class that is focused on life skilling and support, which brings a whole new gameplay style to the popular MMORPG.

Alongside Shai, a trio of special new donkeys (Derome, Cherose, and Vallet) has ridden out of the stables. These new donkeys are Shai’s special interest because they offer her special benefits. She will be able to sit reversed in the saddle, a quirk that reflects her whimsical nature. Celebrating the release of Shai and her best friend Donkey, Mount EXP +50% boost event will begin after 26th maintenance.

The release of Shai also sees a special event where players can decide how to play Shai by choosing one of ‘three given paths’. These paths correspond to the archetypal playstyles that are unique to Black Desert Online and offer players a more thematic approach to begin a new adventure. The player’s chosen path starts off by visiting one of three NPCs in the expansive world of Black Desert Online.

The Shai excels at supporting her allies on the battlefield. While she fights enemies using her Florang, a giant boomerang, she supports her allies using a magical ‘Vitclari’. With this magical light, she can provide healing and other beneficial effects in a very versatile way, making her a unique addition that is surely gonna bring a shift in the currently popular PvP and PvE strategies of Black Desert Online.

Using her weapons in tandem, Shai delivers new gameplay possibilities for players. Notable skills include:

  • One-Two-Three — Shai throws the Florang up to three times, knocking back all enemies that are hit.
  • Eat This! — Shai powerfully throws her Florang in a long-range attack.
  • Over Here! — Shai creates a shielded area that can protect her allies from enemy attacks.
  • Come Out, Come Out! — Shai reveals hidden enemies using her Vitclari.
  • Play Dead — Shai can ‘play dead’ and trick other players, but it may not work against monsters…
  • Black Desert veterans will find new scenarios and upgraded life skills that make Shai a worthwhile class to experience. An expert in Gathering and Alchemy, Shai will immediately be able to create the most-potent elixirs and other magical items. Shai is the first class able to create bonfires to heal allies, as well as the only class to unlock new mount skills for donkeys.

    For PC Players:

    Related to the leveling of new characters is the still ongoing event where users can earn a free copy of Black Desert Online by reaching level 50 and by logging into the game at least seven days during the event period that starts today and ends on the 10th of July.

    On Xbox One:

    The Shai pre-launch customization event was a huge success, resulting in 80% of Black Desert players on Xbox One participating to earn new rewards. For adventurers who weren’t able to participate, from today through July 3, players can create and level up a Shai character to Lv 30 to receive accessories, in-game items, exclusive titles and currency. These rewards are perfect for beginners and can be claimed on July 10 by players within their in-game mail.

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