Likwid Games Announces the Launch of Mini Heroes on Facebook


Likwid Games, in co-operation with Armor Games and Not Doppler announces the release of free-to-play adventure game, Mini Heroes. The first multiplayer release from the well-known flash game developer, who gained accolades for previous games such as Castaway 2 and Castaway Island TD.

Mini Heroes combines elements from popular games such as Pokemon, Harvest Moon and Zelda to create a unique social gaming experience that appeals to younger games and adventure fans alike. Create your own customized hero and embark on an endlessly re-playable adventure for you and your friends. Enjoy everything from training pets, to crafting thousands of unique items, to designing your very own oasis.

“Mini Heroes bridges a gap in social gaming that has been fairly non-existent in recent years,” says Mike Wojcik of Likwid Games Ltd. “This game will appeal to the huge masses of Pokemon fans, but still stay true to adventure RPG gamers who are looking for a fun, casual atmosphere.”

– Real-time multiplayer adventure
– Create your very own customizable character
– Explore dungeons and battle enemies with up to 4 friends in real-time
– Raise, breed and evolve pets with custom looks and abilities.
– Craft thousands of unique items including equipment, weapons and accessories
– 75+ Quests
– Boss battles
– Simple, traditional turn-based battle system
– Build and customize your own plot of land with your very own customizable house
– Design the interior of your house
– Plant crops on your land to earn additional money
– Visit and interact with land owned by your friends
– Auction house where you are able to buy or sell your treasures and crafted items to other players

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