Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross] and Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Team Up in Crossover Event


At D23 Expo Japan 2018 held at Tokyo Disney Resort this past weekend, SQUARE ENIX and DeNA announced a magical collaboration between KINGDOM HEARTS Union X[Cross] and FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper, bringing limited-time events to each of the hit mobile games over the next few weeks.

Special promotions coming to KINGDOM HEARTS Union X[Cross] include:

  • FINAL FANTASY Avatar parts: Players can obtain exclusive avatar parts and dress up their characters as classic FINAL FANTASY jobs for the first time.
  • Collaboration Multiplayer Battle (February 23 – March 9): A special Heartless boss inspired by an iconic FINAL FANTASY villain awaits players in battle during this special Union Cross multiplayer event.
  • Raid Battle (March 5 – March 11): This collaboration raid event brings a special Heartless to the world of KINGDOM HEARTS.
  • “Super Difficult” Battle Challenge (March 7 – March 9): Hardcore players seeking an additional challenge are invited to test their skills to defeat a powerful Heartless.
  • FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper Gauntlet Challenge (February 22 – March 8): Players who complete all 20 stages in this limited-time event will not only receive numerous rewards, but also help all FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper players obtain additional in-game login bonuses.
  • Event-exclusive pixel art medals and more.

Additionally, FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper will host the KINGDOM HEARTS-themed “Key to Another World” event in-game from February 22 through March 8, with the following rewards available to fans:

  • New Playable Characters
    • Sora and Riku: Awarded after completing the “Destiny Islands – Seashore” dungeon.
  • New Outfits
    • New Kingdom Hearts Wardrobe Records for Cloud, Squall (Leon) and Tyro will be awarded to players who complete various event dungeons.

Fans can also prepare for the upcoming collaboration events by participating in the Gummi Ship Minigame Campaign through a special event website:

In this minigame, players will take control of a Gummi Ship and clear missions by shooting down enemy Heartless ships as they aim for the high score. Depending on the total points gained by all participants, players of both mobile games will receive special in-game login rewards following the conclusion of the campaign. If the final point milestone is reached, all FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper players will receive the “Kingdom Key (KH)” weapon, while KINGDOM HEARTS Union ?[Cross] will receive an Illustrated Cloud medal, along with additional in-game items.

KINGDOM HEARTS Union ?[Cross] and FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper are available now as free-to-play apps (with in-app purchases) on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on Google Play for Android devices.

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