Headup Games Releases A Single Typoman Screenshot



Headup Games and Brainseed Factory have released a singular screenshot for their upcoming Wii U exclusive indie Typoman.


Typoman is a puzzle platformer that carries a unique typography art style. Players will often have to use the environments to complete words to further progress. It is a very unique style that has apparently caught Nintendo’s attention as Typoman has had the privledge of being part of Nintendo’s Nindies@Home program.

“Nintendo to us stands for everything which is so wonderful about gaming and being part of the Nindies@Home program is like a dream coming true.” says Bilal Chbib, founder of Brainseed Factory. “After we presented Typoman at the Indie MegaBooth at Gamescom last year we have made huge improvements to the previous prototype. E3 is a great opportunity to show gamers an excerpt of what they can expect in the final game.”

As part of the Nindies@Home program, a Typoman demo is currently available on the Nintendo eShop until June 22. Players who participate in the demo are offered a 15% discount when the game comes out Q3 2015.

Trailer for Typoman can be found here.

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