[Giveaway] Magerealm Open Beta Gift Pack Giveaway



We’ve partnered with GTArcade to give our readers the opportunity to receive an item gift pack for their web browser MMO, Magerealm. You can pick up your code below with your email. Limit one code per account of course, redemption instructions, and more info on the game after the jump!

Key Redemption Instructions:
Step 1: Click on the Hot Event on the top right corner.
Step 2: Click on “Gift Code” and go to the gift code page
Step 3: Please input the gift code you received into the blank
Step 4: Click on “Collect Rewards” to get the gift!

The gift pack contains:
Realmgem x200
Lvl.1 Gem Chest x3
Gold x199999
Amethyst x99999

This is Magerealm!

As an elite Mage sent by the Council of Magic to look for the 7 legendary relics to save the world and defeat the evil Lord of Demons, players are drawn into an epic war for the control of ancient relics. Along the way, you will discover secrets, encounter enemies and find allies when you least expect it. Long story short, Magerealm will enthrall you with its characters, graphics, plot and much more.

Choice and Complexity!

In the world of Magerealm there are countless ways to increase your strength so that you can face any challenge along your journey. Runes, angels and heroes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the infinite possibilities that Magerealm provides for players. What your team looks like, who you want fighting by your side through thick and thin and ultimately, what legend you become is all up to you.

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