[Giveaway] Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) STEAM Sheep Vanity Pet


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We’ve partnered with Suba Games to give our readers the opportunity to receive a Steam styled vanity Sheep pet for their MMO, Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) launching on Steam today! You can pick up your code below with your email. Limit one code per account of course, redemption instructions, and more info on the game after the jump!

Instructions on How to Redeem Code on Steam:
On Steam go to Library -> + Add A Game… button in bottom left -> Activate a product on steam

About DOMO:

Dream of Mirror Online is the re-launch of a much beloved mmo the likes of which have never been seen since its departure. The amount of excitement surround this re-launch can be seen in our unique Kick Starter campaign which reached its goal in less than 24 hours and has accrued more than 3000% of its requirement to launch. With such a large and passionate fan base the game has already been successful on Steam Greenlight even before launch. There has been a lot of excitement for the journey of Dream of Mirror Online to restart and continue stronger than ever in the future.

It is a time of myth and legend, where great heroes rise up to fight side by side, united against the instruments of darkness. Take a journey into a fantasy linked by fate to another, a mirrored world that reflects the chaos that has erupted within mankind. Establish relationships and find new friends, take up a job, or soar through the majestic skies on a variety of mounts as you rediscover a social MMORPG beloved by many around the world!
• Four playable races
• Marriage System
• Elaborate Crafting System
• Pet System
• Flight
• Twelve unique professions
• Daily Events
• Character Customization

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