[Gamescom 2014] Nom Nom Galaxy Coming to PS4 and PS Vita


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Following the Sony unveiling at Gamescom 2014, Double Eleven and Q-Games are delighted to announce that Nom Nom Galaxy (NNG) is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

The two studios have previously brought PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate and Shooter Ultimate to PlayStation, building on some great titles from the past. NNG however is a new venture for the studios, as it represents their first co-development on a new project alongside the Strategic Content team at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Lee Hutchinson, CEO of Double Eleven, opens up about their work on the project: “We’ve always been impressed with Q’s ability to generate very unique worlds and play mechanics, and NNG we believe is the pinnacle of their efforts! It’s a big project, both in terms of scope and ambition and we’re delighted to be involved in designing and developing the game with Q.”

NNG is a genre melter that’s a co-op multiplayer game about building, expanding and maintaining an interstellar soup factory with your friends. It blends elements of tower defence, sandbox exploration, co-op platforming, resource management and construction, set in a unique living eco-system.

Dylan Cuthbert, founder of Q-Games had this to say, “Working with Double Eleven on bringing our games to life on PlayStation has been brilliant all around, letting us focus on gameplay fun more instead of the attention to detail and logistics needed for other versions. This is great for fans as they get the best of both worlds!”

In NNG there is heavy emphasis on playing online as Double Eleven are putting a lot of energy into creating a seamless drop-in co-op experience, allowing PS4 and PS Vita players to all play within the same game; whether playing online or on the couch. Co-op play, has been at the core of the PixelJunk games and it will remain central to Nom Nom Galaxy PSN.

Nom Nom Galaxy is being created with the support of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Strategic Content team, who aim to bring the best new games to PlayStation. Shahid Ahmad said “At PlayStation, we’re big fans of Double 11 and Q Games. Together, they blend technical prowess and design flair to perfection, serving up game after excellent game. We’re delighted to be working with them again on Nom Nom Galaxy, which is shaping up to be their best collaboration yet for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.”

In addition to co-operative play, Double Eleven are going to introduce asynchronous and community challenges as well as many other new enhancements that will be revealed in future announcements. Double Eleven were the first studio to release a PS4 and PS Vita cross play title.

For more information be sure to visit NomNomGalaxy.com and follow @PixelJunkNews and @DoubleElevenLtd

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