Dragon Quest Builders 2 Now Available on Nintendo Switch


Starting today, the DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 game is now available for the Nintendo Switch system. In this sequel to the original RPG adventure, you’ll explore huge islands, gather and craft with materials, design towns, level them up and defend them from monsters and bosses. And with the power of Nintendo Switch, you can play it anywhere!

To stop the worshippers of an ancient evil, you must join forces with the mysterious Malroth and build a ravaged world into a thriving realm. Filled with familiar faces from the DRAGON QUEST series among a sprawling cast of characters, DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 is great for fans of all types of video games – from simulation and action games to RPGs with epic stories.

New features in this expansive sequel include the ability to dash, glide, fast travel around the map and explore underwater, as well as the option to experience the adventure from a first-person perspective. In the Nintendo Switch version of the game, up to three friends can explore and build together on the Isle of Awakening through local* or online multiplayer**. You can also share screen shots by posting them online through the in-game Noticeboard, or visit other players’ islands and use the Magic Pencil to create a blueprint of a favorite creation. Owners of the original game will also be rewarded with bonus recipes to craft the Legendary Builder’s outfit and Dragonlord’s Throne.

Fans who want to expand their adventure will have multiple options when one free DLC pack and three packs of paid DLC hit starting on July 26. Fans can purchase each paid pack of DLC separately or save on the combined cost of each pack with the Season Pass for only $20.99. These packs offer content like new locations to explore, additional recipes, new quests and a variety of customizable options like clothes and hairstyles.

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 is one of several games that can be obtained using the newly announced Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers. For $99.99, fans with a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership can purchase a set of two Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers from Nintendo eShop to redeem for the digital versions of two eligible games. The vouchers must be purchased by July 31, but can be used up to one year from the day of purchase. For more information about this limited-time special offer, visit https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/special-offers/.

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 is now available in stores and in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch at a suggested retail price of $59.99

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