Chibit and 101XP Announce Deiland is Heading to Steam


Chibit, the Spanish game developer studio famous for their PS4 release, in association with 101XP, the game publisher, are happy to announce the upcoming release of Deiland on Steam!

Deiland is a single-player survival adventure sandbox with RPG elements. It is a story of Arco, one of the Little Princes. The player’s mission is to tend your planet, Deiland, develop and protect it against invasions. Don’t forget about your own needs. Every Little Prince needs a breakfast!

Deiland is quite relaxing. It offers amusing and not too difficult quests, tasks to gather resources and food, crafting and creation of various devices. Along the game, you will visit other planets and meet their hosts for communication and trade.

Deiland features:

  • A compelling story with over 100 quests to complete and 12 characters to meet.
  • RPG elements. Improve Arco’s skills to make him more efficient.
  • Care for Deiland, develop the small empty planet you begin with to collect water, gather harvest, fish and hunt, craft tools, build workshops and laboratories.
  • Obtain craft recipes, trade them with the Interstellar traders.
  • Protect Deiland against alien invaders and pillagers.
  • Space travel and interesting characters!

Deiland will become a unique experience both for skilled players and young story lovers and their parents. If your child likes a good bedtime story, try Deiland together!

Small planet Deiland is a big adventure for the Little Prince!

The Steam page:

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