Charming Online Village Life and Farming Game Staxel Releases in Early Access on Humble and Steam


Plukit is excited to announce that Staxel, their creative farming and village life game featuring a cast of quirky characters, is now available in Early Access for Windows PC for $19.99 via the Humble Store and Steam. Content updates will follow throughout the year, bringing more options for farming, building, and adventuring.

In Staxel, you restore a farm to its former glory as the newest resident in a budding village. With creative building, villager quests, crops, animals, and many other activities, there’s always something to do. Better yet, all this can also be enjoyed with friends in online multiplayer!

Features include:

  • Budding village life
    When you’re not working on your farm, you could be pursuing a new hobby, completing one of many collections, spending your hard-earned money on precious seeds, or lending a hand and making your mark on the town!
  • Create the farm of your dreams
    Starting out with a run-down, old home and farmland reclaimed by the wilderness, it’s up to you to turn the place around. Plant seeds, carefully tend to your crops, take care of your animals, and expand your farm until it matches your wildest imaginations!
  • A world you can make your own
    Staxel’s world lets you alter your surroundings however you like, and with a rich selection of in-game materials and an intuitive approach to modding, you can truly create your own unique world within the game.
  • Cute and clean voxel look
    From the colourful villagers to the adorable animals and rustic town, every step you take in Staxel is a joy to behold.
  • All of this in multiplayer
    From farming to fishing to building new houses for villagers, everything in the game can be enjoyed in online multiplayer with as many players as your server can support!

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Steam Store Link:

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