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The Life of a 40 Year Old Game Part Two

Life of a 40 YO Gamer Part Deux

= THE DATE: 1979 to 1985 1980 is a key year for nerds, for obvious reasons. The Voyager I probe flies by Jupiter and Saturn, then begins its Extended Mission during this period. The US hockey team is the Miracle…

Life of a 40 Year Old Gamer, Part One

40 Year Old Vinyl Denim

THUS IT BEGINS! = THE DATE: 1972 to 1978 I am born, and the world is a weird place. American society has emerged from an era of drug experimentation, high fidelity and is the end era of the Beatles. We’re…

[PREVIEW] The Order 1886 – The Demo

The Order Title Logo

Title: The Order 1886 Developer: Ready at Dawn Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Genre: First-Person Shooter, RPG Platform: Playstation 4 Price: $59.99 Rating: Mature Release Date: February 20, 2015 I recently had a chance to get together with a Sony representative…

Anjel Syndicate 2015 Official Communiqué

Anjel Logo 2

I’m a bit behind in getting this done, this year and I chose to forgo my usual long winded written format for this sparkly new video. So sit back and enjoy, or laugh, you can laugh. Writer’s Wanted: