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[Anime] Rewrite Preview


Summary Kotarou Tennouji lives in the beautiful, environmentally conscious town of Kazamatsuri. He attends high school with his friend Kotori, has fights with his classmate, Yoshino, and leads somewhat peaceful life. But at night  he dreams of a dangerous girl…

[Anime] Orange Preview


Summary Naho Takamiya is a 16-year old high school girl who lives her life believing that it’s better to keep her opinions to herself than make waves.She also lives a simple and happy life with wonderful friends, so she finds…

[Anime] DAYS Preview

Days Poster

Summary Tsukushi is a first-year high schooler with no special physical traits or talents. Jin is another first-year who gives the impression of a self absorbed delinquent, but he’s turns out to be a talented soccer player. On a whim,…