Review: Men of War: Vietnam (PC)

TITLE: “Men of War: Vietnam” DEVELOPER: 1C Company GENRE: Strategy PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows PC RATING: 16+ RELEASE DATE: September 9th, 2011 For the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to play Men of War: Vietnam. I typically enjoy…

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Guild Wars 2: Asura week begins at the Arena.net blog

A new blog post and a Behind the Scenes video can now be found at the Arena.net blog.

The blog has some interesting information on the creation and reason Asura exist:

The asura represent a force of explosive change, cutting traditions and forcing adaptation. With no investment in the heritage of the world above, they impose their will without restraint. They apply their technology in ways never before dreamed within their rock warrens, let alone in the lands of sun.

Their essence can be summarized thus: Nobody is prepared for the asura except the asura.

Very cool. This is one race I am looking forward to playing in the new Guild Wars game.  There is much more contained in the blog post, including pictures of the Asura in various stages of design.  Click here to go there.

Below is the Behind the Scenes video.  It shows an Asura being created.


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netKar Pro version 1.3 released

Kunos Simulazioni has released their final version 1.3 of netKar Pro, now available for immediate purchase (or update for existing customers).  The new version includes several enhancements and additions, including a whole new user interface, new setup behavior, an improved…

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