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[Review] Magic the Gathering 2015


* Note: This is a two part review. First, I am going to talk about the physical card game and the 2015 set.  After that, I will get in to the virtual side of Magic and share my thoughts on…

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REVIEW: Achtung! Cthulhu for Call of Cthulhu

Achtung! Cthulhu - Three Kings - Cover_coc

It’s not often that I review an adventure, but this is something I couldn’t pass up. Great Old Gods from beyond, mysticism, adventure and intrigue, all set to the backdrop of the Second World War?  Let’s take a closer look…

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DriveThruRPG Christmas in July sale!

If you didn’t spend all your money on Steam sales, Amazon sales and every other sale that seems to pop up in July, our friends at DriveThruRPG are having a Christmas in July sale! It looks like nearly everything has…

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DriveThruRPG New Years Sale!

To celebrate the new year, DriveThruRPG has a number of RPGs up for sale for $12 a pop! There are multiple ENnie award winners here, and the rest are either celebrated old-school games or from great studios that deserve the…

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