Bungie confrims Pre-loading for Destiny on Xbox One and PlayStation 4


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The Xbox One  and PlayStation 4 versions of Destiny will support pre-loading, Bungie confirmed.  Pre-loading is a feature which allows customers who purchase a digital copy of the game to install the game early, allowing them you to start playing the game much sooner upon release.While the game is not yet available for download, more details on the pre-load window as well as the file size will be announced soon.

While we have seen pre-loading a few times before on Sony systems, the concept is fairly new to the Xbox family.  The first title to support this feature on the Xbox One was Madden 15 which was release this week.  Other titles that will offer pre-loading include the Forza Horizon and FIFA franchises.

Once the game officially releases on September 9, those who have pre-loaded the game will receive an unlock command and will then be able to play right away!


What is Destiny? Destiny is an upcoming shooter from Bungie, the creators of the original Halo trilogy.  Destiny is not your traditional FPS as it takes place in an expansive and social world.  Destiny contains bits of DNA from several game genres such as MMO’s, RPG’s and shooters.  As you traverse across the universe of Destiny, you can take part in many activities from public co-operative firefights to structured competitive matchmaking in the crucible.  Bungie has promised a lengthy and deep adventure for those who choose to embark on the journey to discover their …Destiny.

For more information on Destiny visit http://www.destinythegame.com/


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