Build Your Perfect Grocery Chain in G5’s Supermarket Management 2 – FREE On All Platforms


1What is it like running a small grocery store? How do you turn it into a supermarket empire? Starting today, July 27, 2015, through August 2, 2015, explore the other side of the checkout counter in Supermarket Management 2, absolutely FREE on iPhone, iPad, Google Play, Kindle Fire and Mac. Grab this fast-paced time management hit and test your business acumen with no risk!

In Supermarket Management 2, you’ll have to help Kate start her own business and then expand it into a supermarket chain. Become the manager of a small roadside shop and end up as the owner of a competitive grocery empire in this addictive time management game. Serve customers quickly to keep them happy. Stock shelves with goods, weigh fruit, offer fresh meat to your customers, provide shopping carts and make money. Work hard enough to complete levels as an expert, with all the carts in their places and refilled stands. Then hire additional workers and invest your profits in new equipment in order to grow your business. Fun mini-games, such as catching the fish that a client wants or weighing the right sort of cheese, will add to your customers’ satisfaction and to the cash to your pockets. With its true-to-life scenarios and gripping pace, Supermarket Management 2 reveals your true leadership abilities in a highly entertaining manner!

The game is developed by Playful Age and published by G5 Entertainment AB

Key Features:

  • 49 challenging levels
  • 22 achievements to earn
  • Nine whimsical characters
  • Eight exciting mini-games
  • Five fascinating locations

iTunes Store:
Supermarket Management 2 (Full) for iPhone
Supermarket Management 2 HD (Full) for iPad
Google Play:
Supermarket Management 2 for Google Play
Amazon App Store:
Supermarket Management 2 for Kindle Fire
Mac App Store:
Supermarket Management 2 (Full) for Mac

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