Bless Online Head Start to Steam Early Access Begins on May 28th


Neowiz is proud to announce that Bless Online will begin their Head start with the sales of Founder’s Pack on Steam’s Early Access platform this May 28th, 48 hours prior to the official Early Access Launch on May 30th. The epic MMORPG will be Buy-to-Play (B2P) – meaning players only ever have to pay for Bless once and will be able to play it as long as they want, there will be cosmetic in store items and a premium membership. The website details all of this, along with the innovative Emissary Program to help build and cultivate the community for Bless Online. You can find all of the information here.

For fans of the game and people new to the MMO genre, Bless Online offers a fantastic new experience in our fantasy world. You will have a host of characters and classes to chose from. New dungeons and open world exploration have been revamped for players to get the most out of their time online with friends and new allies alike.

“It’s been a long time coming, but we truly believe the best version of Bless Online is finally almost ready to hit Steam,” said Ki Won Lee, CEO of Neowiz. “This an MMORPG unlike any other, completely re-engineered, and we can’t wait to finally open the doors and let players start their journeys.”

Bless Online continues to bring a fresh take on the MMO with its Head Start to get our community in early and begin their journey.

“We heard our players, and we’ve made our decision. We chose Buy to Play as our monetization model because we truly believe it’s the best option for our players, while making sure you don’t need to maintain a subscription to keep up with the constant stream of new content we’ll be adding to Bless.” said Sungjin Ko, Executive Producer of Neowiz Bless Studio. 
At our Press Event today we would like to thank our sponsors for helping us put everything together: Origin PCPixio MonitorsViper Memory.

Developed by Neowiz Bless Studio, Bless Online represents a classic fantasy MMORPG with a focus on epic stories, massive battles, fast-paced combat, and intense PVP and PVE content. A completely redesigned Hybrid Combat System with Action Combat or Tab-targeting options, an extensive taming system that allows you to bend almost every monster to your pets or mounts, and a deep PVE raiding system to go alongside the epic RVR castle sieges. Two factions vie for dominance in a world torn asunder by its own gods. Play as one of seven unique races and seven diverse classes as you start from nothing and rise to fight against your mortal enemies.

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