Author: dacotah

Fallout 4: Exploring Far Harbor Dev Trailer

One the largest expansions Bethesda has ever conjured up, Far Harbor, releases tomorrow. Vault Dwellers will be getting a whole environment with an expansive story line. The inhabitants of Far Harbor, the synths, and the children of atom are at…

Destiny Fans Create Timeline Website

With Taken King just a few short weeks away, many players new and old are joining the fight against the dark. Many people have stated over and over that Destiny’s biggest flaw was a lacking and poorly explained story. The…

2K Unveils Brock Lesnar’s Entrance for WWE 2K16



As another week is underway 2K has released more roster details for the upcoming WWE 2K16. This week’s announcements not only discuss some new characters but how characters like Brock Lesnar will be entering the ring with his new entrance. Although Lesnar’s entrance is rather bland and includes a few minutes of broody pacing in the ring, its nice to see the attention to detail.