Anjel Syndicate

Anjel Syndicate is a new and growing Gaming news site, set to deliver various types of content to the gaming community at large. Starting with Daily news content from around the industry to keep gamers informed on the happenings and latest information on game titles across the board from consoles to PC and mobile platforms. As we build our reputation and reader base we have phased in game reviews, previews , and special segment content. Among our special content are different themed segments each day that appeal to different groups within the gaming community. We range from game collecting commentary, retro gaming, genre specific segments and much more. However we’re not done there, as we grow and evolve we will be branching out to cover other aspects of the game industry and game culture. Including game development discussion or educational pieces to other forms of gaming, such as Table-Top RPGs. Our reader base is growing daily and we can only continue to do so!

Excuse the basic layout, we’re in the process of redesign as we prepare for official launch. We’re going to be continuing and building on our daily content with news, reviews, and previews as we amp up to launch. Working to cover the issues that matter to gamers and the industry as well as being a buzz catalyst for game titles across the platform board. If you’d like to contact us, just drop us an E-Mail

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