[Anime] Taboo Tattoo Episode One Preview


Taboo Tattoo

The episode starts out with an average middle school boy fighting off some thugs to save a homeless man from being mugged. As a token of thanks, he gives him a stone that imprints a tattoo on his right hand. We find out that this average boy is Seigi and he has been training in martial arts for a very long time and  that the tattoo imprinted on him is actually a secret weapon created by America in the arms race against the Serinistan Kingdom. Seigi unknowingly attracts the attention of a mysterious girl named Izzy, who steals his cell phone and proceeds to lure him into an abandoned warehouse and begins to start a fight with him to the point where she almost kills him. Impressed with his fighting skills she tells him about her own tattoo and how she uses chalk to trigger its power. Over the course of the next week she begins to tail him (in which she sucks at doing) and eventually when Seigi has had enough he confronts her. Out of nowhere they are attacked by a large man with a tattoo of his own that gives him superhuman strength. He is also a target of the US Army Tattoo Retrieval Unit and has only had his tattoo for less than a month. Seigi proceeds to fight this man, because he has been taught to not back down from a fight.On the verge of being killed by this man he somehow triggers his tattoo and blasts the man with the power of the tattoo called “The Void Maker” Izzy comments that they have found the tattoos match.

Overall this episode was an interesting introduction to the series. I definitely hope that we get some more development over the season in both the story and the characters. Why is his best friend always taking care of him? What happened to his father? Are the US Army going to use Seigi to their advantage or take the tattoo away from him? This is what the episode left me wondering. As Seigi said in the beginning of the episode, “Looking back now, that was the start of it all. That was the moment I first set foot in the underworld” I gave this a 3 out of 5!

Taboo Tattoo is based on a manga series and can be found streaming on Crunchyroll,Mondays at 11:35 AM PDT/1:35 PM CDT/2:35 PM EDT.

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