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Kotarou Tennouji lives in the beautiful, environmentally conscious town of Kazamatsuri. He attends high school with his friend Kotori, has fights with his classmate, Yoshino, and leads somewhat peaceful life. But at night  he dreams of a dangerous girl who kills him with red ribbons. She also haunts him In real life, creeping invisibly into his bed to bite his arms. There is a different world very close to Kazamatsuri full of dangerous monsters and destruction. He seems to be able to fly and use powers in this world, but is it all a dream? Or does he actually have powers beyond his understanding?

Rewrite is based on a visual novel and can be found  streaming on Crunchyroll, Saturdays at 9 AM PDT/11:00 AM. CDT/12:00 PM EDT.


Rewrite is based on a VN by Key. Now if you aren’t familiar with them, here is a rundown of their other VN’s that were adapted into Anime. Kanon, Clannad, Charlotte, Little Busters, Angel Beats, and Air. This summer they have both Rewrite and Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet airing.

My Reaction

Rewrite starts off the season with a double episode. True to Key fashion, this story contains most of the elements you will find in their other work. Strange supernatural surrounding/Storyline – CHECK, a harem of MOE female characters – CHECK, possibility of romantic interest in the MC –

CHECK. Now I am not familiar with the background of Rewrite as it is the one Key VN I have never played or heard much about. I first heard of it from their Wikipedia page and the fans screaming for it to be turned into an anime. The backstory of the game interested me enough to want to check the anime out.

Now this episode was a bit confusing as we seem to transition between the real world and the dream-like world without advanced notice. Also there seemed to be no explanation as to what the alternate dream world is. I’m really hoping this was just an introduction and that the next episode will give us more details.

The animation and art style are very VN like as it looks pretty similar to most VN game graphics. The music was very fitting and didn’t deter from the scenes. Kotarou is a likeable MC he seems to be the kind of person that others can rely on. Kotori is his childhood friend, who seems to like gardening and falling asleep in the forest. Shizuru is a younger student who seems to like Kotarou as he seems to understand her better than others. Chihaya is the new transfer student who seems to have a secret about her past. Yoshino is delinquent like classmate ativan online of the group who seems to like to fight.

Overall having a double episode that doesn’t reveal much of the story wasn’t a great start. I am still intrigued by the story and really hope by the end of the season I know what is going on. I for one will definitely keep an open mind and see how this plays out. Overall I give this a 3 out of 5!

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