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Naho Takamiya is a 16-year old high school girl who lives her life believing that it’s better to keep her opinions to herself than make waves.She also lives a simple and happy life with wonderful friends, so she finds it pretty easy to get through each day without causing trouble for anyone else. One morning a letter turns up from her 26-year old self from the future telling her about things she regrets and wants her 16 year old self to change. When events in the letter coincide with things that are actually happening, she begins to believe that the letter may just be the start to changing her simple life and for her future self to have less regret.

Orange is based on a manga series and can be found streaming on Crunchyroll, Sundays at 9:30 AM PDT/11:30 AM CDT/12:30 PM EST.

My Reaction

Would you take the chance to erase some of the regrets you have, if you could? The summary of this anime is what drew me to watch this one. I am intrigued with storylines that include time travel or time manipulation. I loved this one from start to finish!

Naho is your seemingly average high schooler who likes to hang out with her friends. She doesn’t like to make waves, so even when someone else chooses her favorite bread before her, she just rolls with it and chooses something else. Kakeru, the new guy in class, seems to be hiding something. Why was he absent for so long? Azusa is the happy go lucky friend whose family owns a bakery. Suwa is the athletic friend who seems to also be harboring feelings for Naho. Hagita seems to be the studious one of the bunch and Chino the beautiful popular girl.

The muted colors of the animation seem to give it the look that the story takes place in the past. The scenes where they are showing Kakeru the town was done using a lot of still frames, but it had a nice appeal to it and made it look like they were having fun.The music is well fitting and I enjoyed everything from the OP/ED themes and the little pieces used throughout the episode.

The episode starts 10 years in the future and ends there also. The group seems to be opening their time capsule and each one has a letter that they wrote to themselves. The one person missing from the group is Kakeru. Where is he and why when they look at the picture do they seem sad? He was there when they made the time capsule because the letter he wrote is inside. Naho seems to be married to Suwa and they have a baby. At the end, Suwa, Naho and their child are overlooking the city with a bouquet of flowers for Kakeru. (Definitely a death flag!) This episode left me wanting the answers to so many questions now. How did the letter travel back in time 10 years? Why is she with Suwa and not Kakeru? What happened 10 years ago that Naho is filled with so much regret?

I will admit I did tear up in a couple places, because even though I had no idea what is going to happen, the death flag is there. (Yes I cheated after the episode and know what happens, but I won’t spoil that for anyone. Manga readers probably know the whole story.)

Overall I can tell from this first episode that this is going to be an emotional journey. I am expecting to do a lot of smiling, laughing, and crying by the time the season ends, but that is what makes well told stories amazing! Overall I gave this first episode a 5 out of 5! IMHO I believe this will be the Anime of the Season! I’ll be keeping the box of tissues handy for this one.

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