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Kaho Nikaido comes from a rich family, which means that up until now, she really hasn’t had to struggle in her life. Her family has always protected her, they chose her friends, and her teachers never scolded or disciplined her. Wishing to live her life on her own, Kaho moves to Tokyo for high school, where she bumps into a strange, but gorgeous  boy named Kanade by chance. Kaho is immediately awestruck by the masculine appeal and kindness of Kanade, so she declares her love on the spot. But unfortunately for Kaho, Kanade turns out to be a fifth grader meaning her newfound relationship may involve a lot more than she was hoping for.

First Love Monster is based on a manga series and can be found streaming on Funimation, Saturdays at 8:30 AM PDT/10:30 AM CDT/11:30 AM EDT.

My Reaction

I laughed so much in this first episode! Now this anime will not be for everybody. The comedy is juvenile and the main story plot is kind of disturbing, but overall it’s pretty damn funny. The series seems to have a satirical style to it and the humor reminds me a lot of Gintama. (Speaking of which, I found it rather interesting that the voice actor for Gin is the same one who voiced Gintoki) What makes this series fun is the fact that it’s making fun of the shoujo romance genre and all in all, itself.

The characters are actually rather amusing. Kaho is very naive due to her sheltered life. Kanade has a sweet side, but all in all is your typical 5th grader. Gin and Tom are perfect partners in crime in regards to the comedy. Not enough introduction to the other supporting characters to get a good read on them, but they all seem to interact rather well.

The OP/ED where fitting to the series, but I enjoyed the ED much more. The animation was clean and I found no flaws in it.

Overall this was the funniest first episode of the season so far. If you like satire and juvenile comedy than you will enjoy this series. I’m not sure if the characters and humor will keep this series interesting for a whole season, but I really want to know why three 5th graders look and sound like adult men. I will warn you that this first episode contains an over-abundance of wiener jokes! I give this episode a 4 out of 5!

Anjel Edit!

Periodically I’m going to jump in on Tiffany’s Anime pieces to add my own 2 cents to the commentary on any given episode or show. To that end with Hatsukoi Monster she covered things great and I don’t have much to add aside from the fact that I laughed till my sides hurt. Yes it IS juvenile in it’s humor, and the story premise is cringe worthy if it was taking itself seriously, but I don’t get that vibe. Also one quick screencap thought to cover things.

[HorribleSubs] Hatsukoi Monster - 01 [720p].mkv - 00001

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