[Anime] August 15th Anime News Tidbits


Alice in Deadly SchoolGekidol has announced that Alice in Deadly School will receive an anime adaptation. Alice in Deadly School is a 4-koma manga written by Kaouru Asakura and drawn by Ajiko Kojima. The series has been serialized in Dengeki Comics Daioh “g” magazine since 2013.

The story of Alice in Deadly School involves a group of young girls who try to survive a zombie apocalypse after being stranded on the roof of their school. Additional production details such as the cast, staff, and release schedule have not yet been released.


Kadokawa’s official website for Yuuri Eda’s light novel Kabukibu! has announced that it will be getting a TV anime adaptation slated for Spring 2017. This announcement was made via the teaser trailer below:

The series revolves around kabuki, a classic style of Japanese dance-drama that combines music, drama, and dance. Kurogo Kurusu, a 15-year-old high school student has a passion for kabuki and hopes to establish a kabuki club at school. Things are not easy as they seem when he realizes that he needs to find students to join him.


Kyoto Animation began streaming a promotional video on Sunday for the Blu-ray Disc and DVD home video release of its High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- film. The video features the announcement of the Free! franchise’s “new screen project.” The announcement did not indicate the new project’s medium or format.


Mekakucity Reload

During a streaming event hosted via Nico Live for Kagerou Project, it was announced that Mekakucity Actors will get a new animated series, with the project to be tentatively titled Mekakucity Reload. It is unknown at the moment whether the series will be a sequel of the first season.


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