505 Games Announces How to Survive: Third Person Standalone Coming in July


H2S_StormWarning_3rdpersonEKO Software and 505 Games have been experimenting with How to Survive and today they announced a new single player, 3rd-person experience that allows fans to re-play the hit How To Survive zombie crafting adventure from a deeply immersive perspective. Surviving a zombie infested archipelago whilst crafting your own tools and weapons, fulfilling basic needs of food, water and shelter whilst facing a horde of natural and unnatural threats just got a whole lot more intense.

Since launch of How to Survive, over one million survivors have roamed the islands fighting off the undead. The support of this dedicated band has seen the game repeatedly supported with new plots, game modes, characters and items to entertain fans. This new single player stand-alone 3rd person nightmare continues the tradition and promises a whole new thrilling point of view.

Stay safe, survivors!

How to Survive: Third Person Standalone is available for pre-purchase on the store (http://store.steampowered.com/app/360150) at $9.99 with a juicy 20% off offer. Existing fans of How to Survive can see the islands like never before with an enormous 70% pre-purchase discount.

Features include:

  • Navigate islands filled with life and death scenarios
  • Choose among 4 playable characters with different stats and skill progressions
  • Hunt, fish and forage for food and water – live off of the land to survive
  • Hundreds of items to craft into unique weapons and tools, from fishing rods to flamethrowers
  • Play through the Story Mode or 8 demanding challenges
  • Additional free roaming mode includes Permadeath
  • Three difficulty levels, including new improved difficulty conditions for die-hard survivors

Game includes:

  • All the content of the original game How To Survive:
    – 4 islands
    – Story mode
    – 8 challenges
    – Leaderboards
  • Kovac’s Way DLC including 3 difficulty modes:
    – Gameplay affecting rain effect
    – Crocodile & bear
    – Durability
  • Hello, My Name is Nina DLC character & flamethrowers
  • One Shot Escape DLC – Rogue like mode
  • Tombstones

How to Survive: 3rd Person experience will be available via Steam/PC Download this summer!

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