[Community Activity] 1st Tau Dewa Dragoons Formed in Star Trek Online

Having returned to Star Trek Online following the Legacy of Romulus update, I’ve rediscovered my enjoyment and a renewed passion for the game. To that end, we’ve decided to form our first Anjel Syndicate Community Guild with the formation of the 1st Tau Dewa Dragoons.

1st Tau Dewa Dragoons, a new Fleet designation given to the command of Admiral AnjelusX as a joint operational unit between the Federation and her Romulan Allies. Existing to defend the interests of both the U.F.P. and R.R.W. while also continuing to explore unexplored space. 1st TDD is a co-operative unit with a spirit of mutal defense and assistance for all members.

A combined Federation and Federation Allied Romulans Fleet, now open to Anjel Syndicate community members interested in coming along with me as a community activity to hang out, blast some Borg, and game the nights away. The only requirements for entry of course are having either a Federation or Federation Allied Romulan character in the game. We’ll have all manner of fun, so if you’re interested, either leave your ign in the comments, sign up to our Guild/Fleet forums, or hop into our RaidCall group! Of course you could just find me (AnjelusX@AnjelusX) in the game!

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