Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition Announced With Beta Access


Today Larian Studios announces the Divinity Dragon Commander: Imperial Edition, a special collector’s edition of Divinity: Dragon Commander that is free for everyone who preorders (or has pre-ordered) the game (some restrictions apply). Read this blog post for further details and restrictions.

It includes:

  • A unique development documentary video
  • An extra campaign map that has dragons fight for control of the Earth
  • A golden skin for your Dragon Emperor
  • A beautifully remastered version of the soundtrack by Kirill Pokrovsky
  • Dragon Commander’s best kept secret: an overview of all the choices and consequences in the game (you’ll be amazed)
  • Immediate beta access(**)

Larian has already begun sending out beta access to those who bought the game as part of the Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter.

Pre-orders are now open via Steam, GOG.com, Amazon.de and the Larian Vault. Just head to http://www.divinitydragoncommander.com/ for more info.

(*)The offer is currently available through the following participating channels, but will be extended in the coming days

  • The Larian Vault
  • Steam
  • Amazon.de
  • gog.com
  • Anybody who pledged for Dragon Commander via Kickstarter

(**) – For technical reasons, beta access is not available if you preorder via gog.com. To compensate we are giving away a free copy of Divine Divinity to anybody who preorder(s)(ed) on gog.com. This in addition to gog.com’s offer of including the timeless classic Masters of Magic to anybody who preorders via gog.com

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