Heliceum Announces Their Latest Game – Naughty Boy


Heliceum, a company specialized in the development and publishing of digital content for smartphones and tablets, announces the launch of their new creation for the beginning of July: Naughty Boy. This endless 3D first person shooter is the first studio creation available both on iOS, Android and Amazon for its launch.

‘No way, I won’t go to school!’

Armed with his slingshot, the naughty boy/gamer does everything he/she can to push his/her family back, as they want to send him to school. Room after room, the objective is to escape his family members as long as possible, by keeping them away with different projectiles found in the house. Any collateral damage on furniture and objects is highly recommended!

With its entirely destructible 3D setting, its hilarious animations and off-the-wall humor, ‘Naughty Boy’ is an endless game, both unwinding and tactical if ones wants to obtain the best scoring.

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