AdventureQuest Worlds MMO Changes M.O. – Free to Play Becomes Free to Slay


Artix Entertainment, the indie game development studio that creates and publishes free-to-play browser-based RPGs to 170 million registered players, is searching for a creative solution to purge millions of player accounts from its MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds.

Two weeks ago, AdventureQuest Worlds toppled the 50 million user milestone. Such impressive numbers are great for press releases—but it’s taken a toll on the AdventureQuest Worlds servers.

How does an online fantasy game continue to survive while making a game-wide purge fun and memorable? By hosting an in-game event where a vile villain kills off unworthy users!

Starting this Friday, June 21, AdventureQuest Worlds players will dive headfirst into Grimskull’s dangerous trap-filled dungeons. Known for his seemingly-impossible-to-survive tricks, traps, and cheats, Grimskull challenges every hero to traverse his torture chambers, outwit his wiles, claim the legendary prize at the end… and gain immunity against the purge!

What: AdventureQuest Worlds Grimskull Dungeon Event
Where: In game at
When: Friday, June 21, 2013 at sundown
Why: Monsters have always killed the players… and now it’s the Game Developers’ turn!

Other Games from Artix Entertainment
Artix Entertainment offers many free-to-play RPG and MMO titles, ranging from the fantasy realms of AdventureQuest Worlds, OverSoul, DragonFable, and AdventureQuest, to the sci-fi galaxies of MechQuest and EpicDuel, to the superhero MMORPG of HeroSmash, to the puzzle-based Pony vs Pony game. Artix has enjoyed a high success rate in the past ten years with over 170 million accounts created for their games.

For more information about Artix games, please visit:

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OverSoul at
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DragonFable at
HeroSmash at
MechQuest at
AdventureQuest at
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