“Tyrian Adventures” Streaming of Southsun Cove in GW2 Tonight!

Tonight, the Tyrian Adventures vidcast will be returning with a live episode focusing on the new content out in the Southsun Cove explorable area!

Starting at 9:15PM Pacific, you can join Aristeia and me as we explore the island, take part in the story content there, and see what all we can get into.  As this current part of the story ends next Tuesday, if we are unable to finish it in one night we will resume later on in the weekend to finish out the content.  And, if you currently play “Guild Wars 2″ and are online at this time and want to join us as we run around, feel free!  I can even give you the required info if you want to join in on the show!

To view the stream (and “follow” if you don’t yet!), head right here and have some fun!

About Jessica "Allahweh" Brown
Anjel Syndicate's former Review Editor, Allahweh has been an avid female gamer, role-player, and game collector for many, many years. More information about her can be found at her blog, Allahweh's Domain: http://allahweh.wordpress.com. You may also follow her on Twitter if you wish at: @Allahweh.

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