Jagged Alliance Online Infiltrates Steam Today


Too many spells and fairies in your strategy games? Jagged Alliance Online arrives today on Steam, offering turn-based strategy with a focus on guns, modern combat, and mercenaries. All PvP content is completely free to everyone, with a Campaign Pack available to purchase for a massive single-player experience.

Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/218450/

“Obviously, the best opponent is another human, so to us PvP is the ultimate tactical challenge and a great addition to the traditional Jagged Alliance gameplay,”  And, we offer that to everyone outright, for free!” said Cliffhanger Productions Founder and Creative Director, Jan Wagner. “But, we also know that many fans of Jagged Alliance and turn-based strategy prefer the solo experience, so the Campaign Pack is there to provide a full-featured game with over 100 hours of  gameplay content at an excellent price – the same way the old turn-based games offered real game value for your money.”

No premium currency, no useless cosmetic items to buy, no instant win mega-weapon; Cliffhanger Productions is challenging the notion of what free-to-play can offer. In Jagged Alliance Online, matches aren’t determined by the depths of wallets.  All PvP content, including 40+ mercenaries and 500+ items, are accessible to all players.

About Jagged Alliance Online
Lead your outfit to become the greatest mercenary company in the world. Compete in turn-based, tactical PvP duels against other mercenary teams or take on challenging single-player contracts around the globe with our Campaign Pack. Match your tactical skills against thousands of other players to win Warzones with your allies, and climb to the top of the leaderboards to be the most feared mercenary company.

PvP Features:
– Build your company from 40+ mercenaries with unique attributes.
– 500+ weapons and items, and crafting to improve your weapons and armor.
– PvP leaderboards, skill-based matchmaking, and tournaments.
– Compete in Warzone events for rare weapons and items.
– Form alliances with players and compete as a team.
– Transfer of PvP rewards into the single-player campaign.

Campaign Pack Features:
– 80+ PvE missions with over 100 hours of gameplay.
– 50+ unique enemies and bosses.
– Complete challenges to earn Prestige.
– Take on Prestige contracts for even greater challenges and ultra-rare items.
– Use your PvE company in PvP matches.

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