WarioWare, Inc. Launches Crowdfarter Project to Help Make Wario’s Dream Game a Reality


We here at WarioWare, Inc., are working with our fearless leader, Wario, to create his new Wii U game, Game & Wario – a game that can only be described as incredible, amazing, stupendous… and a bunch of other adjectives! To help Wario achieve his dream of funding this awesome game by his target launch date of June 23, he has created his own special crowdsourcing site called Crowdfarter.com. Here, visitors “donate coins” to the game by “liking” the site and daily updates from Wario via Facebook or by tweeting them to the masses on Twitter. Wario is so excited about bringing his genius vision to reality that he can hardly contain himself.

Game & Wario is an entertaining collection of uproarious games that uses the Wii U GamePad controller in unique and hilarious ways,” said Wario, CEO of WarioWare, Inc., and all-around amazing guy. “WAHAHAHAHA! THAT WAS MY IMPRESSION OF A SUPER-SERIOUS GUY IN A SUIT! GAME & WARIO IS THE BEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF TIME! IT’S THE YEAR OF WARIO! WAHAHAHAHA!”

Fans can visit Crowdfarter.com and show their support today. In addition to the immense satisfaction one will get from supporting an incredible game that will make all Wii U users of the world howl with laughter and weep with delight, participating in the Crowdfarter.com campaign offers visitors a whole lot of great rewards. As fans continue to show support, stretch goals will be unlocked, offering fun rewards such as an exclusive video, wallpaper and even a ringtone with Wario’s melodious voice.

Wario Message

In addition, Wario himself is going to take time out of his busy schedule to visit Crowdfarter.com and post daily executive updates. These updates will range from not-so-helpful tips from Wario to exclusive assets from Game & Wario. Wario’s executive updates are guaranteed to make everyone’s day a gas. Be a part of gaming history! Check out Crowdfarter.com today!

For more information about Game & Wario, visit http://www.gameandwario.com/. For more information about Crowdfarter, visit http://www.crowdfarter.com/ and make it rain!


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