Rablo Games Announces Lost Spirits of Kael Coming in 2014


Lost Spirits of Kael is an action-RPG with focus on  atmosphere. You play the role of a young painter who has lost his inspiration and tries to get it back in the Forest of Kael. There, he meets a mysterious harpist who covers the forest with magical mist by playing her instrument. Lost in this creepy forest covered with graves (but no zombies), he will have to find his way out. But the forest has mystical powers that makes finding one’s way nearly impossible, and some of its inhabitants will try to stop him.

The game is about loneliness and finding one’s way into the unknown.
You may see Lost Spirits of Kael as a mix between  Shadow of the Colossus and  Dark Souls, in a  hand-painted 2.5D world.

Here are in a nutshell some of the main  features of the game :

  • Unique atmosphere / strong feeling of being alone and lost.
  • Unique and warm graphical style (digital painting).
  • Challenging in a new way – non-careful players may have to restart the game from the beginning !
  • Music will feature many harp and piano solos.
  • Art, music, game design and scenario (and PR) are 100% made just by one person (Pablo Coma)

The Words:

The forest of Kael…
Such a beautiful place…
I can’t get bored looking at her,
But I’m here for so long…
I don’t know how many people I met through Her paths,
But I can tell you something…
Most of them are still wandering here !
For weeks… years… centuries…
They have seen their purest dreams turn to nightmare
And will stay prisoners in the forest for eternity.
Those I call : the Lost Spirits of Kael.

Want more info?

Website :  http://rablogames.com
Facebook :  www.facebook.com/rablogames
Twitter : @Rablogames

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