Multiplayer Browser Game Earth Doom Releases New Game Design


Online strategy game Earth Doom has recently launched a new game design in and fans are raving about it. Players will be able to build their base, spy on their enemies and attack with much more excitement with their site’s newly upgraded layout and design.

Video gaming has evolved so fast, that gamers can’t get enough of their favorite genre; they always want something new. From simple multiplayer browser games to complex MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), games and the Internet has progressed in what many believe is the future of entertainment for years to come; combining social interaction in a virtual world where fun and adrenaline rushes know no bound. And this is exactly what the popular space strategy game Earth Doom has provided the gaming community; and now they are amping up their services with their brand new game design.

Earth Doom, as a turn based strategy game, allows players to plan out their individual line of attack in beating the enemy as resources are distributed every sixty seconds as a “tick” takes place.

With their new game design, players will be able to use these resources to purchase units, create and device their own base defenses as well. If spying on the enemy is a player’s style, this is another exciting feature included in the new design that will make this game as exciting as ever.

Don’t forget the game’s ability to empower its players with an awesome way to attack and purchase power plants to generate the energy they need to launch a successful campaign. The adventure of building a virtual empire and being able to dominate the opposition, this is the experience Earth Doom will provide.

Indeed, multiplayer browser games are getting more exciting and breathtaking than ever before; and with the launch of Earth Doom’s new game design, expect only the best online gaming experience from the makers of this updated space strategy game. To see their new game design in action, visit today.

About Earth Doom
Earth Doom is a free massively multiplayer browser based space strategy game where players can interact with other online players as they mine resources to build empires and strategize their attack to eliminate the competition. With their new game design, players can expect a new and exciting experience from this amazing turn based strategy game.

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