NGames Announces FoxLi Rush Will Start Closed Beta on March 14th

FoxLi Rush

NGames, a leading online games publisher, has today revealed that the Closed Beta Test of FoxLi Rush, an MMO inspired by the popular emoticon, will open on March 14th.

FoxLi Rush, a multiplayer online adventure game staring popular emoticon, FoxLi, takes players on a thrilling storyline through Dream Land – a once peaceful world threatened with total destruction by an ancient evil. Thousands of years ago, an evil dragon wrecked havoc across the land. Foxli’s ancestors sacrificed themselves to seal the dragon under a powerful spell, locking him away for eternity – or so they thought. The dragon has broken free again and now FoxLi and his entourage face their toughest ever challenge as they strive to save and rebuild Dream Land against seemingly insurmountable odds.

The closed beta test server for FoxLi Rush will be opened on March 14th at 20:00 CDT (GMT -5), where pre-registered players will be able to test and offer feedback on the gameplay and features, as well suggest new ideas via the community forums ahead of the games launch.

FoxLi Rush blends city management and RPG adventuring, letting players use their time to either pursue the games many exciting quests, or help rebuild the Homeland. Rebuilding the Homeland, from planting flowers to producing fully functional military buildings, earns players experience and gold. By upgrading existing buildings, more powerful combat allies and equipment can be unlocked.

Players will command an array of warriors on their adventure through Dream Land. Warriors are a core system of FoxLi’s PvE and PvP gameplay, challenging players to build and nurture a balanced team of tanks, damage dealers and ranged attack specialists in order to thrive.

FoxLi Rush is launching a closed beta test phase on March 14th, 2013. Fans can start enjoying FoxLi and making friends by exploring the FoxLi Rush website and visiting the forums now:


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