Retro Play – “Crusader of Centy” (Part VI)

Another retro double-header weekend!

Now that we understand that traveling to any area that the tornado is present in will bring you to an unspecified point in that location’s history, we follow the cyclone out into the Camellia Desert where we are able to visit the ancient civilization that Dorothy (Haha! Ok…Atlus was just silly with that name) mentioned previously. It seems we are meant to gain more insight into the past and why it is that humans have such prejudices, and yet we seem to learn little from our visit to Heaven because even now we find ourselves slaying monsters.

I guess humanity is just stubborn in the end!

Things are heating up as we work our way towards the game’s conclusion, so stay tuned and enjoy!

Oh, and you should be sure to visit Allahweh’s Domain (the host of this series) and the awesome affiliate, Nerdy But Flirty!

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