GW2 Live-Stream Tomorrow (3/8) – Don’t Miss Out!

Join me on March 8 as the Dungeon Delvers series, hosted by Jeremy Stratton of JustOneMMOre, continues with a journey through Sorrow’s Embrace!

Sorrow’s Embrace is the Level 60 dungeon in “Guild Wars 2? and should be a lot of fun to play.  I, for one, have never even been there before.  Yet, why are we skipping ahead there when we haven’t gone back to do all of the Explorable Modes yet?  Well, these streams are being later edited and put up on YouTube in an order that makes more sense, but for now we are just running the dungeons that people want to run.  Oakstoutexpressed interest in this one after he missed his guild’s run of it last week, so we figured it would be appropriate to go ahead and stream it.

The run will begin at 4:30 PM U.S. Central Time (give or take), so be sure to join us by visiting Jeremy’s TwitchTV account!

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