Retro Play – “Crusader of Centy” (Part IV)

Our Retro Play weekend double-header concludes as Link’s adventure continues as we explore the sunken depths of the temple and then make our way up the Tower of Babel and into the paradise above…Only, it doesn’t quite turn out to be the idyllic place you might hope for! Still, we meet God and he/she/it explains to us the reason for the sundering of the world’s languages and expresses disappointment in how humans have treated the other creatures – monsters and animal alike!

Quite deep!

I also apologize for the audio being low in volume. I played with the settings in FRAPS and experimented with multichannel audio, but that produces seemingly more quiet audio for whatever reason. So, turn up your volume and fear not – this has been noted!

Yes, it’s another long video, so get your popcorn, settle in, and enjoy! :)

About Jessica "Allahweh" Brown
Anjel Syndicate's former Review Editor, Allahweh has been an avid female gamer, role-player, and game collector for many, many years. More information about her can be found at her blog, Allahweh's Domain: You may also follow her on Twitter if you wish at: @Allahweh.

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