Allahweh Guests on New “Dungeon Delvers” Series!

Most of you will remember Jeremy Stratton from his guest spots on the podcast, but you also might recall him having invited me to appear on Massively TV last year to discuss various game mechanics from “Guild Wars 2? while exploring the game.  Well, this time around, Jeremy had the idea of starting up a new series that involved going through dungeons in various MMORPGs, starting with GW2, and he wanted me to be a part of it. This new series, called “Dungeon Delvers,” is being hosted by his site Just One MMOre, and will officially kick off in coming weeks, but we recently recorded a prelude to it.

In this prelude video, Jeremy, myself, and our friend Paul (aka “Oakstout” online), talk about the various options players have to get high-level gear once they hit level 80 and we discuss the purpose behind dungeons, Fractals, mention information about builds, and much more!  Hopefully it will prove informative for you all that play GW2 and want to know these types of things!

Stay tuned, folks, as more stuff like this is on the way!

About Jessica "Allahweh" Brown
Anjel Syndicate's former Review Editor, Allahweh has been an avid female gamer, role-player, and game collector for many, many years. More information about her can be found at her blog, Allahweh's Domain: You may also follow her on Twitter if you wish at: @Allahweh.

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