“The Gaming Goddess” Podcast – Season 3, Episode 2: ‘Playing Roulette’

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This week on the show, Rob Eubank (@Master_Dex on Twitter and co-host this episode) and I are joined by Jeremy Stratton (@Jeremy_Stratton), who was a guest in Season 2. Jeremy has since moved on from Massively and is now focusing on all sorts of different and fun projects as well as running his own site called “Just One MMOre.” Jeremy discusses some of his current and upcoming projects, a book he is slowly working on, and engages Rob and me in the “age-old” debate regarding subscription models in MMOS, both current and upcoming.

I am particularly proud of the music selection for this episode. The intro track comes from “Star Ocean 2: The Second Story” (PS1), the intermission tune is a rock remix of the boss battle theme from “Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest” as performed by Daniel Tidwell, and the closing song is the main theme from the MMO “ROHAN: Blood Feud.”

You can snag your own MP3 of the show right here!

In Episode 3, we are planning to have Sarah the Rebel join us from Nerdy But Flirty to talk about her website and her current projects, so I am greatly looking forward to that!

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